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Inside Agri-Turf podcast was launched in July 2020 by Chris Biddle after he had studied podcast production and audio editing during the UK nationwide lockdown period from March to June 2020.


The podcast is independent and non-commercial.


Its editorial brief is to report and analyse news, views, opinion and opinions of those operating in the landbased engineering sector which encompasses the sales and service of agricultural machinery, professional turfcare machinery and equipment, lawn and garden equipment along with associated sectors such as forestry equipment and off-road vehicles.

Target listening groups include manufacturers, distributors, dealers, trade associations, colleges and training providers.




Chris sends a summary of the intended questions and discussion points to guests ahead of a recording which is currently conducted over Zoom.


He will then set up a Zoom invite for an agreed date and time, and discuss the format further ‘face-to-face’ before recording commences. 


Sometimes a guest may prefer to have a discussion with Chris a day or two before the recording, and this is can easily arranged either over the phone or Zoom.

Most interviews will last around 25-30 minutes, although this may vary with content.


Some episodes could include two or more guests, in which case either there will a 'round-table' discussion, or individual recordings will be conducted to be included in the completed episode.


When the recording has been edited, Chris will submit the completed episode to guests for final approval before it is uploaded to the podcast hosting service.

Inside Agri-Turf is available on all the usual hosting platforms including Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Amazon music, Spotify, Stitcher and others.

  • Remember it's a chat, not an interview!

  • Dip into a few recent episodes to familiarise yourself with the style and content

  • Make some notes on the points you want to get across during the recording

  • Make sure you are in as quiet place as possible

  • Let the host know of any ‘no-go’ areas or topics

  • Test the audio and the microphone in advance on Zoom

  • Although most recording are done face-to-face with video on Zoom, you may be more comfortable switching off the video in order to concentrate on what is being said.  It’s a personal thing.

  • If you want to stop during the recording, no problem! Just say stop and this can all be edited out afterwards.

  • Have some water available before and during the recording

  • Treat it as a conversation, not an interview.

  • You will sent a copy of the recording before it is uploaded. If you find you said something that you would rather have not, then just say and it can be edited out. It’s happened a few times.

  • Finally, relax and enjoy. The recording is not being ‘broadcast’ live, so the pressure is off!

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