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2020  (19 Episodes)

Episode 19: Echoes of 2020 the sounds and quotes from the year


Episode 18: Recollections with Robin Lennie, retiring MD of Stihl GB

Episode 17: Unpicking 2020 season with Keith Christian and Martin Rickatson


Episode 16: From fear to pride with Chris Gibson of GGM Groundscare


Episode 15: Winning dealerships with Bob Clements and Sara Hey (US)


Episode 14: Dealer Talk. The ATV business with Anthony Deacon


Episode 13: The New Retail with Andrew Goodacre, CEO, British Independent Retailers Association


Episode 12: Shuffling the dealer pack with David Hart, md of Kubota UK


​Episode 11: The future for sales and service dealers - the 'in-betweeners' with Chris Biddle


Episode 10: Talking training and education with Peter Arrand, President, BAGMA


Episode 9: Is the industry too 'stereotyped'? with Paul Hemingway, President, IAgrE


Episode 8: Talking Known and Unknowns with Les Malin, AEA President


Episode 7: Electric tractors, what next? with Steven Haynes of Reesink UK


Episode 6: Automatic for the People - the rise of robotic mowers with Ken Brewster and Gavin Bird


Episode 5: Social distance farming with Kit Franklin of Hands Free Farm


Episode 4: What goes round: In conversation with David Withers of Iseki UK


Episode 3: Briggs and Stratton re-set: Chris Biddle discusses the legacy and future​


Episode 2: Collective voice, trade associations role with Ruth Bailey (AEA) and Keith Christian (BAGMA)


Episode 1:  Inside Agri-Turf Trailer ​

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